Organic Mung Bean Powder Exfoliator & Cleanser 100 g

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🌱  100% Natural face and body exfoliator for all skin types
🌱  pH balancer that absorbs excess oil and immediately brings back a radiant glow
🌱   Extremely gentle to the skin and can be used as dry shampoo powder
🌱  Best for sensitive skin, blackheads, pimples, dull and oily skin
🌱  Can also be used as shampoo powder or dry shampoo

Feel a breath of fresh air for your skin!

A natural exfoliating scrub that makes your skin feel soft, smooth and radiant the way Mother Earth wants for you.

Mung Bean Powder?

Mung Bean Powder has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic tradition to clean the body and scalp instead of soap or shampoo. Full of Vitamins A, C and essential minerals and antioxidants, this unscented cooling bean powder can soothe dry and flaky skin and scalp. Thanks to its super fine texture, Mung Bean Powder offers a kinder way to cleanse the skin without causing any dryness like soaps and shower gels do. 

On the first wash, you will immediately feel the gentle exfoliating scrub that helps you get rid of the dead cells and excess oil. Whether used on your face or body, this mung bean scrub enhances complexion, removes blemishes and adds glow to your skin. Above all, this foam-less chemical free and all natural one-ingredient exfoliator is pH-balanced and hypoallergenic, making it suitable for all skin types.
Ingredient: 100% pure organic Mung Bean Powder and nothing else.
light weight

Gentle Exfoliator

Mung Bean Powder's super fine texture is mildly abrasive in nature. When used as an exfoliating scrub, it gently gets rid of dead cells, dirt, sweat, and excess sebum from your skin, revealing the fresh new layer underneath in no time.

pH balancer

Mung Bean Powder can help rebalance the pH level of your skin and scalp. As a result, it doesn’t strip you off the natural protective oil and you won’t feel squeaky dry afterwards..

Oil Control

Thanks to its oil-absorbing feature, Mung Bean Powder helps absorb excess oil and sebum in no time. Say goodbye to oiliness and say hi to a new healthy & radiant skin!

Healthy Hair and Scalp

Washing hair and scalp with mung bean powder is a long tradition in India. The cooling Mung Bean helps soothe the scalp and clean the excess sebum, dirts or dandruff without any shampoo or conditioner needed.

Clarifying and Acne Control

Blackheads, whiteheads, pimples or most acne-related issues are generally caused by clogged pores. Mung bean powder unclogs pores, clarifying skin of impuriies. Enjoy a healthy flawless skin free from acne, pimples, blemishes or dark spots.

Skin Brightening

The exfoliating and skin lightening nature of mung beans work together to brighten up complexion. Rich in Vitamin A and C this powder enhances the skin texture and brings back your natural glow.


Mung Bean Powder is rich in phytoestrogen enzymes, an enzyme that can stimulate collagen and elastin production in our body. As a result, using Mung Bean Powder on a regular basis can help maintain youthful and healthy skin.


Larg pores are easily clogged, resulting in pimples. The cooling nature and fine texture of the Mung Bean Powder can immediately help shrink pores and tighten the skin, making it soft and smooth.



2 reviews for Organic Mung Bean Powder Exfoliator & Cleanser 100 g

  1. Noor Hanisah

    I’ve been getting these little packets with my purchases. Love how light it feels on my face. Kinda strange to think it’s the same as the the green bean I cook in soup and make into taugeh! I don’t extrafoliate my face too often so these small packets are just nice for me.

  2. Angel

    I recevied a sample packet. I didn’t think much of it actually but decided to give it a try. It did not disappoint!! The powder made my face feel so soft and there’s a glowy look to it after washing off! Really impressed 🙂 Sealed my routine with the sesame oil and it was really beautiful! Will be purchasing a full packet soon!

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