Organic Jasmine Rice Powder Face, Body and Hair Mask 100 g


🌾  Aromatic freshly harvested organic Jasmine rice from our farm. 

🌾  Traditional recipe, perfect for all hair and skin types

🌾 Dilute in water and use as rice water hair rinse

🌾 For face mask, mix with other ingredients like honey, yogurt, lime juice for a skin brightening effect

🌾 Cooling by nature and can help heaty skin conditions (itchy, burning, redness) or after the sun or workout. 

The crisp misty morning dews that nourish deep into your skin!

The traditional beauty recipe that immediately rejuvenates and revitalizes your skin and hair in minutes.

Jasmine Rice Powder?

Rice has long been regarded as a beauty recipe for beautiful hair and skin in Asia. For centuries, ladies would pat rice water on their face or wash their hair with it. To keep this tradition alive, we create 100% pure raw organic Jasmine Rice Powder Face and Hair Mask using the freshly harvested organic Jasmine Rice grown at our farm.

Full-packed with several hair and skin nourishing nutrients, it can help soothe, hydrate and enhance your natural skin complexion.while boosting skin firmness and removing dark spots and fine lines. Meanwhile when used on hair, it can tame down the frizz while reducing hair fall and promoting hair growth.  Feel the aromatic cooling sensation on your skin and hair that absorbs deep into the skin  layers and brings back the natural glow.

Let real and pure nature’s essence show the best version of you from the inside out. 
Ingredient: 100% pure organic Jasmine Rice Powder and nothing else.
light weight

Deep Hydration to the skin

Full of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, flavonoids and phenolic compounds, When applied our Jasmine Rice Powder as a face mask , these skin nourishing nutrients will travel to the deeper skin layers, helping hydrate the skin cells and smoothen the skin texture in no time.


Rich in amino acids, the building blocks of skin cells, our Jasmine Rice Face Mask can slow down the aging process and fight free radicals. Meanwhile it also helps improve skin elasticity and reduce the formation of wrinkles and fine lines as it can inhibit the action of elastase, a compound that causes damage to elastin in your skin and leads to premature aging. .


With pure rice essence, Jasmine Rice Face Mask can help enhance natural skin complexion while eliminating blemish or dark spots, brightening your skin tone and creating a healthy glow in minutes.

Reduce Sun Damage or Skin Irritations

Thanks to the cooling nature of our Jasmine Rice Face Mask, it can help calm the sun damage, skin inflammation, eczema and itchiness. Meanwhile, it also improves skin barrier, the outermost layer of the skin that protects the skin from free radicals and pollution.

Natural Oil Control

When applied on the skin, Jasmine Rice Mask has a tightening and toning effect. This means it can reduce the pores and absorb excess oil on the skin. Ideal for anyone with normal to oily skin.

pH Rebalancer

Replace your regular shampoo with our Jasmine Rice powder by simply applying it on your wet hair. With the same pH level as the scalp, the Jasmine Rice Powder Wash will clean your hair while keeping your hair’s natural oils intact. Embrace the true natural beauty the way you like it.

Healthy Hair and Scalp

Using our jasmine rice powder for hair treatment or hair mask offers several benefits including improved elasticity, texture, lesser frizz and hair fall. This is largely due to the presence of amino acids, the building block of hair shaft as well as inositol, which helps reduce hair fall and improve hair growth




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