Organic Jasmine Rice Powder Face, Body and Hair Mask 100 g


🌾  Aromatic freshly harvested organic Jasmine rice from our farm. 

🌾  Traditional recipe, perfect for all hair and skin types

🌾 Dilute in water and use as rice water hair rinse

🌾 For face mask, mix with other ingredients like honey, yogurt, lime juice for a skin brightening effect

🌾 Cooling by nature and can help heaty skin conditions (itchy, burning, redness) or after the sun or workout. 

Rice is widely used for beauty for centuries, from face mask to hair rinse. It’s a pity that not a lot of people know about it now. That is why we are bringing back this traditional self-care routine that is very versatile and great for all hair and skin types using our freshly grounded Jasmine Rice from our field. 

  • Full-packed with skin-nourishing nutrients; antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that help slow down your aging process and brighten you up when apply as face mask. 
  • The cooling nature of rice can relieve any signs of excess heat on the skin, such as itch,  rash, insect bites, or redness. 
  • There are many ways to use such as a rice mask, body mask, exfoliator, or use it for hair as shampoo powder or hair mask. 
  • Made in small batch using the freshly harvested Jasmine rice from our field. 
Quantity: 100 g
Our Jasmine Rice

Our Jasmine rice

Our rice field

Our rice field

Working on the field

working on the field with school kids.

Us putting on a rice face mask. 🙂


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