Certified Organic Kaffir Lime Essential Oil

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🍋 Energizing and grounding citrus aroma from organic Kaffir Lime peel cold-pressed by hand at our farm

🍋 100% pure – no added chemicals or diluted with other oils

🍋 Helps improve mental clarity, concentration, and sleep quality

🍋 Naturally antiseptic and insect repellant.


Tap into plant magic to awaken all your senses.

Feel the refreshing and calming citrus aromatherapy delivered to you right from our citrus orchard.

Kaffir Lime?

Known by manay names; Makrut, Bergamot, Kaffir Lime, or Citrus Hystrix,  this citrus fruit is used for centuries for its aromatic scent. Apart from using it in the famous Thai Tom Yum soup, people also burn the peels to repel insects, ward off evil spirit or hair wash. . Others believe that it’s great for scalp massage as it helps get rid of scalp itchiness and dandruff. Indeed, this fruit has a history spanning over centuries.

By tapping into this plant magic, you will discover a way that melts away your stress and awakens all your senses once again. 

How does it work?

Extracted from the peel of this bumpy green fruit, the essential oil contains a combination of different terpenoids including  β-pinene, limonene, and sabinene, chemical compounds that make this essential oil both refreshing and relaxing at the same time. The top/middle profume note of the oil is powerful and can help improve brain function, especially with concentration and mental clarity. Research also finds that this essential oil is antibacterial, anticancer, and anti-inflammatory and is widely used in traditional medicine in South East Asia. In old traditions, it is believed that this oil can help ward off evil spirit, purify the chakras and bring good luck!

How can it help?

While there are so many ways we can use this oil, below are a few ways we recommend people try it out! 

On -the -Go

For a quick fix especially when you have a migraine headache, dizziness or blocked nose, pour one drop on your palm, rub your palm together to generate some heat, cover your palm over your nose and inhale. As you inhale, imagine how the aroma gradually travels to the back of your head.

Sleep-Aid and Home Spa

Use a few drops with an aroma oil diffuser to turn your personal space into a relaxing spa room! You can also blend it with other essential oils like Ylang Ylang, lavender or jasmine. It helps improve concentration and mental clarity while working or studying. It is also great to help you relax before falling asleep!

Healthy Hair & Scalp

For healthy hair and scalp, dilute a 2-3 drops with any base oil (we recommend our cold-pressed sesame oil for best results.) and massage it in your hair and scalp to get rid of dry itchy scalp, dandruff or puffy hair.

Sanitizer and Mossi Repellant

Mix a few drops with water or alcohol and use it as a disinfectant cleaning spray or insect repellent!

Why is ours different from most essential oils out there?

While there are many versions of Bergamot or Kaffir Lime essential oils in the market, what sets our quality  apart is how the essential oil is handled from the start till the end. 
FUN FACTS: Do you know that each 5ml of our essential oil is made from 5 kg of fresh Kaffir Lime fruit?

Wonder how we make our Kaffir Lime Essential Oil from scratch? Watch
THIS for more. 

Is it for me?

While we make Kaffir Lime Essential Oil for everyone, after talking to so many of our clients, we know it is particularly good for use with below cases!
Soaking up the full sun ray, each drop of our essential oil embodies solar energy, the beginning of all life on Earth. Every time you use it, you will experience the deep energizing calmness that goes all the way to the back of your brain and freshening up your day.  As both farmers and producers who see it from start to the end, everytime we pass a bottle to you, we are also passing a gift of our land. It makes us smile everytime we hear stories about how our clients successfully use the essential oil. Read below for more reviews of our Kaffir Lime Essential Oil. 



What people say about our Kaffir Lime Essentila Oil

  • Sarah, US
    👍👍👍 High quality essential oil smells so delightfulit's like you're standing in a citrus grove while it's in full bloom. A little dab goes a long way. Love the frangrance so much - possibilities for application are endless - aroma therapy, body oil, fragrance...
    Sarah, US
  • Zen Goddess, US
    Woah! I have never enjoyed lime eo but this cold pressed lime oil has a huskiness and fruity bite to it that lures me in! It sedeuces all my senses. I got it to use as deodorant under my arms while I detox and wow it lasts all day and my arms smell like lime! It is hard to find true quality cold-pressed essential oils and I am so fortunate I have found this place. The seller is amazing. Her personality makes me feel a kinship to her and will keep me coming back and recommending to others!
    Zen Goddess, US
  • Gama
    I'm in love with Kaffir Lime Oil! Very Authentic, quality and well consciously made.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Is it safe to use on skin?
Because the oil itself is photosensitive if applied directly on skin, we recommend diluting it with other base oil such as sesame oil, jojoba oil or other seed oil before use.
2Is it safe to eat?
As the oil is organically grown and doesn’t contain any chemicals or whatsoever, it is safe to eat and we do have clients who use it in cocktails or food. However, we don’t recommend eating it alone. It’s best to mix with other ingredients.
3Do you have it in a bigger bottle?
Currently, we have it in 5 ml and 30 ml bottle. If you are looking to use it for your products or would like to get a bigger size, please contact us at info@happyearthfarm.org for more info.
4Do you offer a wholesale price? I would like to buy it as a gift.
We do. Please contact us at info@happyearthfarm.org for details.
5Do you have essential oil from the Kaffir Lime leaf?
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1 review for Certified Organic Kaffir Lime Essential Oil

  1. Noor Hanisah Noordin

    I love how this is a really concentrated version of the kaffir lime/limau purut plant in my garden! It makes my space smell lovely. I use it to sanitize, remove odour and am going to try it as an insect repellant too 🙂

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