Aroma Bag Natural Air Refresher 70 g

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100% natural air refresher made from lime and orange peel. Eliminate the stuffy odors and bring back the refreshing scent perfect for your personal space.

Aroma Bag  Air Refresher Perfect for Your Shoe Cabinet, Car, Wardrobe, or Personal Space.

Apart from turning our Kaffir Limes and Bitter Oranges into No-Poo Head to Toe Wash or Soap-Free Pet Shampoo, we also use them in our Aroma Bag Air Refresher.  The grounded lime and orange peel is amazingly aromatic. When stuffed in a small mesh bag, it can bring a relaxing vibe to your personal space. Moreover, you can put this aroma bag in your shoe cabinet,  wardrobe, car, bathroom, or even inside your shoe to remove the stuffy odors or dispel insects.
Weight: 70 g

1 review for Aroma Bag Natural Air Refresher 70 g

  1. Noor Hanisah

    This was given as a gift with one of purchases. I love that the smell is not overpowering but refreshingly lingers on just what’s near it. I’ve placed it near my urban compost bin to neutralize organic smells 🙂

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