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This Mung Bean Powder Cleanser is very good in removing blackheads :) Skin feel smooth after use.


Qoo10 Customer, SG

Have been using the head-to-toe wash as my shampoo for at least 2 years. Love the invigorating scent of the limes and since it's organic, can use with peace of mind without worrying about nasty chemicals. Also purchased the essential oil and face & body wash to try out. Seller is very friendly and always sends a personalised handwritten note. Highly recommended!


Qoo10 Customer, SG

PERFECT! I loved this Mung Bean Powder Cleanser!

Tara Gregory


πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸŒπŸŒπŸ™πŸΏπŸ™πŸΏπŸ™πŸΏπŸ¦…πŸ‘ We need more such inspiring people and initiatives!

Ignace Van Meenen

I love Happy Earth products. I am using them for almost one year. The head-to-toe bath is just perfect for my skin and I love the smell as well 😊 with just three ingredients πŸ˜‰
Moreover, I find the farm's concept great! You just feel their passion in their products. Thanks πŸ™πŸ»

Claire Choy

Really love the message of this brand and the shampoo conditioner body wash πŸ™‚ Especially the founder who is always so passionate to share on how to love the earth ❀

Mandy Chan

πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ High quality essential oil smells so delightfulit's like you're standing in a citrus grove while it's in full bloom. A little dab goes a long way. Love the frangrance so much - possibilities for application are endless - aroma therapy, body oil, fragrance...

Sarah, US


It's amazing! After using the cold-pressed sesameΒ oil, my ankle is healing much faster this time than other times I've sprined it. I don't know why, but I'm happy. Thank you.

Serena, CA


I react to chemical shampoos, even cetaphil baby shampoos which I thought would be mild enough for me!!! When there was a bar soap hype, I couldn't take bar soaps as they still consisted of chemicals and simply didn't work for me. package free or not (but hang on for that) - that's when I decided to try Happpy Earth Farm's No-Poo Head-to-Toe Wash. I bought my first bottle in January 2019, and I still use it today and even my aunts who react to chemical shampoos as well have decided to give it a try! This is not a 'sales post' - I want to focus more on the content of the product being 100% organic - safe for health and the environment in production, wash and afer use. If bar soaps work for you, that's great, but if you are still looking for an organic, chemical free and new packaging free solution, this is what I would recommend having used it for 10 months now. It's a no brainer between avoiding chemicals for a life time (please be around forever) vs the first plastic bottle for me. as it works for my health and for the environment = my choice of wash for the properties and philosophy of the makers over the brand per se.

Pamela, SG

Easy to comb. I like shampoo with no foam so that foam won't get into my eyes. This is the first shampoo which suits me. It works like a conditioner. But note: you don't needconditioner cos the shampoo can help manage your hair better. After using the No-Poo Head-to-Toe Wash, my hair detangles better for me to comb through. Smells nice & smooth even when I perspire. Seller is v friendly & professional. Thumbs up. Will come back for the 2nd bottle soon.


Qoo10 client, Singapore

Just received. Immediately tried on my oily face. I add a little water and apply on my fac. The rice powder smell delicious and a little coarse. So I scrub my face a little bit and left to dry. After that I just use tissue to swipe off the remaining powder. There it is. my face is smooth and not oily anymore. I love this product. I have been searching for rice powder for a long time and glad that I found this.

Tamy, SG


"I love love love these products. Happy Earth Farm embraces the concept of Food as Medicine 100%. Try it out and you will see! Cleanse and nourish at the same time. Thank you!"

Delphine, SG

Love the head to toe body wash - it’s kind to the skin and cleans well. It’s for lazy people like me β€” have one bottle in the shower to use however! Makes me feel better that it’s all natural and made with fair trade practices! Farm-to-Bathroom is my jam πŸ™‚

Anna Manuel, Australia

There was some logistic delay but no regrets at all. I like the subtle scent, Best of all, there's no foam and this make rinsing easier and faster.

Madelaine, SG


BEST Purchase. No Chemicals 100% Pure and Natural product. I've been using this all in one shampoo conditioner and body wash since 2 months and never going back. Absolutely no need to use soap on my body. This is so refreshing and cleans my skin very well. Natural oils present in theKaffir lime peels leaves my skin moisturized. No other product has given this results. It cleans my hair very well. The only thing is some oil remains in my hair as it is no foam shampoo. But leaves my hair and scalp very clean. To remove excess oil, I use other shampoo in between if needed. But always follow by this conditioner. Very nice smell too. Relieve my stress. Will order more soon.

Kyle, US


Hi Mon! Just a uick update about the wash. I arrived in Maldives last night and used it and OMG it's like my hair went through conditioner!! Body and hair smells good, feels good!!! Really refreshing! So good I wanna cry beause I finally found an environmentally friendly wash that is THE GEM!😍😍

Christiana, SG

I really like how natural this powder face cleanser is - it smells so green and fresh!

Ping, SG


It's soooo good!! After using the Sesame Oil, my skin feels less irritated and I have oily skin, but after using it, my skin is actually less oily and it just feels so healthy in general.

Nicole W., Singapore

This product has absolutely changed my skin. My skin type is extremely dry, and this body wash has made my skin silky smooth. I don't need to apply very much lotion afterwards sine the body wash leaves me super moisturized. Also when rubbed into the skin in the shower the aroma of the bodywash is heavenly. The scent reminds me of walking in a tropical forest. I will never use another body wash again. I will be a forever customer for however long they make this product! A huge plus is that it's completely organic with little ingredients which is already hard to find products like that on the market. All in all, it's an amazing product I can't say enough good things about it. Will contimue to recommend it to my friends and family.

Alena Schiller


Love the jasmine rice powder! Makes my face real smooth! Highly recommend!

Theresa Hicks


If you are looking for a great face mask, try this jasmine rice... All that is needed is some liquid to make a paste. I used water... also plain yogurt, can be use as well! I have only used once and my face was smooth when rinsed.. I'm sure with more use, even better results. I will report back again! This is a smll family run business with excellent customer service from the owner herself with personalized customer service! If you go to their store there is a little story about how the business came to be.. God Bless and hope the business will contimue to thrive. Warm Regards, Susie..

Susie, US


Woah! I have never enjoyed lime eo but this cold pressed lime oil has a huskiness and fruity bite to it that lures me in! It sedeuces all my senses. I got it to use as deodorant under my arms while I detox and wow it lasts all day and my arms smell like lime! It is hard to find true quality cold-pressed essential oils and I am so fortunate I have found this place. The seller is amazing. Her personality makes me feel a kinship to her and will keep me coming back and recommending to others!

Zen Goddess, US


Ommmgggg!! This product is shocking. No suds but fully clean and smelling great! Wow it is an amazing product. I will be recommending this! Shipper is so sweet and supportive. Her energy is something worth me coming back to the store for!!

Zen Goddess, US


I'm in love with Kaffir Lime Oil! Very Authentic, quality and well consciously made.



My skin was so moisturized that I didn't need any lotion afterwards. Haven't washed my hair with it yet but I can tell it will be clean and moisturized

Carolyn, US


It's an amazing product that smells soooo delicious and natural. I left it on for 10 mins before rinsing and to my surprise, my hair is very soft when I rinsed it off. And it feels clean too! Can't wait to see if my scalp will stay fresh for a longer time after repeated usage. Will use it on my baby too though I'm already using organic cleansers on him.

Anna, Singapore


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This oil is really pure and made with lots of love. πŸ’– You see results instantly. Rubbing on a chemical burn it feels really smooth and moisturized with one drop. Used in homemade toothpaste and oil pulling. Gum and teeth feels and looks so much better. Will contimue to buy and try their other products.



"Wow, wow, WOW! I have been looking for years for a shampoo/co-wash that will help my scalp psoriasis. I wanted something that didn't suds up, have a bunch of chemicals, and also wouldn't make my hair too greasy. I thought co-washes were only for my black sisters out there. But this stuff is working miracles for my white girl hair!!!"

Anna Norris


When I'm eagerly waiting for sale for the same thing all the time, I know this product is for me! Might or might not have helped in hair growth but hair fall is definitely reduced! And I'm still so in love with the smell! Thank you seller for this superb product!

Charlin, SG

Qoo10 client, Singapore

Have used 7 times so far. Its really moisturizing if I use a lot of it on my hair. I like tt the scent of this No-Poo Head-to-Toe Wash is not too strong. Its also great to get rid of dead skin. My DD has this stubborn patch of eczema rash on her thigh. I gently rubbed a small amt of the mixture on the patch n it exfoliated the dead skin around it. Her skin was not as grubby as before n it got moisturised much easier. But pls ensure u hv no cuts or scratches b4 trying tt out. It can sting really bad!.

Brianne, Singapore


Tried this No-Poo Head-to-Toe Wash for few days and can feel the difference. You really dont need conditioner as what seller explain. Really natural. Even thought there is no sud as we has tried with bubble using normal shampoo. Really highly recommend this great product.

Amy, Singapore


I love this shampoo. It smells really good and hair texture is transformed to smooth and shiny look. Tamed my frizzy hair too. No conditioner needed. It is no foam, so people tends to use more. Actually no need. Just have enough to coat and rub on scalp, and smooth the remaining on the rest of hair, getting more if you have lots of hair or longer hair. This shampoo is excellent for people who wants to go no poo or poo fee, which advocate no chemical shampoo that dries up the scalp and create oily scalp. It is meant to train the body to secrete just enough oil sebum to support the hair need. Right now I am reluctantly taking a break from this shampoo due to eczema problem as the citrus on this shampoo aggravates it more, and I look forward to use it again when my eczema heals.

Alexandra, SG


This stuff is very fresh, smells like citrus, I almost want to eat it. I use it as a body wash now. This is great for underarms, especially if you are transitioning from antiperspirant to deodorant. I can skip the deodorant completely after using this in a shower. No irritation either. Highly recommend this product!


ETSY client, USA

Amazing product! Will recommend to everyone I know! Works perfect with hair and body and is also a wonderful conditioner! I felt clean and earthy! Love it!

Montana Mae Murphy

ETSY client, USA

Shoutout to my favorite no-poo shampoo from @happyearthfarm!Β I have really sensitive skin and scalp and struggled to find the right shampoo for me. Everything I used was too strong for me. I resorted to baby shampoo but that caused too much dryness. Thankfully, I found @happyearthfarm's no - poo. I've been using it for months now and it's been a total life-changer!

Kathy Gabriel, Yoga Influencer

@dirtyhippieyogi, Singapore

I am absolutely in love with the scent of this product!Β  The fact that it's only made with just a few, natural ingredients makes it the perfect mixture to add to any DIY body care recipes. After a day at the beach, I love using it in coconut oil and brown sugar scrub. It reminds me of being back in Thailand. It's great in body scrubs because the kaffir lime lends a beautiful refreshing note. I'm also prone to dandruff and itchiness on my scalp, so I have to do scalp detoxes weekly. This has also been great to use in my scalp detox. I blend up a cucumber, add the product, then add some rosemary essential oil to help promote hair growth. The bitter orange in the kaffir lime is an added bonus because it helps condition the scalp and hair. Done! This product is great it's only made with natural ingredients and doesn't require any preservatives because kaffir lime is naturally anti-bacterial. Beyond the actual benefits of this product, I'm in complete support of companies such as this one. I do my best to support small, independent, and like-minded companies that believe in using natural products that will not destroy the environment. Seriously, try this out!

Tammy, US

Amazon, USA

Hi, this is a wonderful product. I initially bought one bottle then, I not only use it for hair wash but to my body wash as well. Don't expect any foam like any other soap. It's just a natural wash. It removed the black colour under your armpits on regular use. moreover it's good for wound healing, though it does not promote hair growth that much it nourishes the hair leaving the natural oil in the hair itself, leaving a wonderful pleasant smell of lime when you come after bath. The pleasant smell is so natural that it remains throughout the day. No need to buy any extra deodorant.


Qoo10, Singapore

BEST Shampoo tree hair product. The fresh citrus smell, perfectly hydrating, energizing yet soothing. Gives you a nice clean feel and smell. Have ethnic hair and is perfectly moisturizing. One of the EXTREMELY RARE hair products without anything bad. Fast & free prime delivery. Been looking for something with lytsea glutinosa (shampoo tree) to help keep my hair nice and full. Love this product, I keep it fresh and potent in the fridge but you don't have to.


Amazon Client, USA

LOVING my beautiful concoction of #nopoo organic homegrown 100% natural cleanser from @happyearthfarm. I use it like green gold (it's green inside). The lovely makers have their own organic farm in Thailand and produce this head to toe cleanser with only 3 ingredients, all grown on trees on their farm! In fact, this cleanser is SO organic and #nastyfree that the bottle recommends keeping in the fridge once open. It's moisturizing for my hair and the smell is like ripe fruits growing in an orchard! I love love love the product and the ethos behind it (swipe right to see my bomb volume wash results with just this conditioner) yes to the #crueltyfreelifestyle!

Sakshi, Curly Girl Influencer

@curlyandkind, UK

The No-Poo Head-to-Toe Wash is the BEST Handmade personal care product on ETSY!!! This product is simply the best product I've tried in a long time and it doesn't get any better than this. It makes my frizzy hair so manageable! Each strand feels moisturized without any residue or build-up. It's the perfect body wash, too! My skin feels smooth and the fresh citrus scent is exceedingly refreshing. Dunno how exactly -Β  but it lessened the intensity of my migraines. Can't believe a single product can be THIS GOOD! Purchase several bottles and each bottle was triple wrapped with biodegradable materials. Inside is a nice handwritten postcard and a sample pack of organic Jasmine rice powder grown and processed at the same farm! It's a beautiful model of permaculture success! Seller has excellent communication. Need I say more? Try for yourself to believe.

Sarah T.

ETSY client, USA

Thank you for the shampoo. I like the new pump! My daughter loves yr shampoo so much. Surprisingly, it makes your hair soft without even conditioner and it smells super nice!! Love it!