Happy Earth No-Poo Starter Set

Combining Earth, Air, Water, and Fire elements, this No-Poo starter set will take you on a self-discovery journey where you will learn to harness the true power of natural elements to clean and take care of yourself. Feel clean, fresh and amazing just the way Mother Nature intends for you!

Experience true synergy of real and pure natural elements that will transform you from the inside out.

Soak yourself in Nature’s alchemy that combines the true power of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire elements and learn to take care of yourself the way Mother Nature intends for you.

No-Poo Starter Set?

Kickstart your No-Poo journey with this starter set where you get to experience our favorite No-Poo shower and body care products in one go. In each set, you’ll get real and pure plant skincare that is made entirely from fruits, leaves and seeds - nothing else. Each of them embodies different healing elements; Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Together with proper use, they can transform your skin and hair in seconds. On top of that, it also comes with a Mini Luffa scrubber, a gentle exfoliator for the face or body, that can make your skin even cleaner, clearer, and smoother especially after a long day!

Whether you are a No-Poo newbie or just curious about what it’s like to truly be one with the earth, give yourself a chance to clean your body with real Earth, Water, Air, and Fire elements that work together in synergy to make you feel good from the inside out. 
What's inside:
1x 250 ml of No-Poo Head-to-Toe Wash
1x 50 g of Jasmine Rice Powder Face & Body Mask
1x 50 g of Mung Bean Powder Face & Body Scrub
1x Mini Luffa
light weight

Personalized DIY Skin Care for Every Occasion

Revolutionize the way your skincare works by allowing you to DIY your own body care routine according to your skin or hair condition!.

Holistic Natural Self-Care Journey

With only real and natural essence, our No-Poo Starter Set can take you on a self-care journey where you will learn more about your hair and skin and how to adjust and readjust your very own skin care formula for the best result.

Rebalance & Revitalize

Bring the balance back to your life! Not only will your skin become more hydrated, radiant and smooth, you will also feel more refreshed and nourished - thanks to the naturally occuring vitamins and minerals in the No-Poo Starter Set!

Reduce Toxic Chemical Load

Made from real and pure food ingredients with no synthetic chemicals additives, our No-Poo Starter Set helps lower the toxic chemical load that you experience in your everyday life.

>Reconnect to Yourself and Mother Nature

By using only real and pure natural ingredients to clean your body, you will understand more how your body works and how to clean itself without chemicals. Along this journey, you will feel connected to your body more than ever. By reconnecting withNature, you are also reconnecting withyourself.

Is it for me?

While this set is designed everyone, we find that those who can make full use of it tend to share certain interests as listed below! 


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