Multi-purpose Sesame and Coconut Oil Bar Soap with Charcoal or Indigo 100 g

This bar soap is made from 100% organic sesame and coconut oil mixed with either indigo or charcoal powder. It is a mild yet effective cleanser to any surface and does not let any bad chemicals linger on your body, dishes, or even your clothes.

Multi-purpose Sesame and Coconut Bar Soap with Charcoal for Bodywash, Dishwashing or Delicate Laundry

Chemicals are used in all sorts of household cleaning products. For example, dishwashing soap contains many harmful chemicals such as SLES, triclosan, Phosphates, or fragrance.  Similar harmful ingredients are found in laundry detergents. When using the commercial soaps or detergents, not only can the harmful chemicals in these products irritate your skin, they also linger on the dish and clothes long after you rinse it off multiple times. 
This charcoal or indigo soap solves that problem for you. It is made from sesame oil and coconut oil with indigo or charcoal added and mix in lye for saponification. There’s no fragrance or other ingredients. It is simply pure and simple soap perfect for all your body and households’ needs.
Try it, use it and you will like it!
Weight:  100 g



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